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Those who have struggled with alcohol addiction know how challenging it can be to quit and how things worsen with prolonged use. Knowing when to seek help and how to ask for it is essential in overcoming addiction. At Pacific Sands Recovery Center, we provide alcohol detox in Orange County, California. Our compassionate team understands the impact of alcohol addiction. Therefore, we are here to help clients regain control of their lives. 

What is Considered an Alcohol Addiction?

An alcohol use disorder is a chronic disease characterized by heavy alcohol use and dependency. It is also referred to as alcoholism or alcohol addiction. Since drinking is common among adults in social situations, many ask how much drinking is considered heavy alcohol consumption. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA) defines heavy alcohol use as men consuming more than fourteen drinks per week and women consuming more than seven drinks per week. 

While heavy alcohol use doesn’t initially indicate an addiction, it can lead to binge drinking followed by addiction. Binge drinking is defined as a pattern of consuming alcohol that brings blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to an elevated level over a short time. This level is 0.08% or 0.08 grams of alcohol per deciliter or higher during a time frame of approximately two hours. 

Signs of an Alcohol Use Disorder

While alcohol consumption is common, people wonder when it has become a problem for their loved ones or themselves. Some signs indicate that a person may be struggling with an alcohol dependency. These include frequently drinking more than intended, being sick often from consuming too much alcohol, and difficulty fulfilling responsibilities due to alcohol use. Subsequently, people battling alcohol addiction typically start having problems in their relationships with close friends and family. 

Furthermore, those struggling with alcohol addiction may lose interest in their regular activities and engage in reckless behaviors. Dependency is evident when a person needs to drink more to achieve the same effect from alcohol and cannot avoid doing so. Understandably, this can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. During alcohol detox in Orange County, we help our clients get relief from this constant cycle.   

The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

Excessive alcohol consumption can present many health risks, including some that are life-threatening. Alcohol addiction poses both short-term and long-term risks.  

Short-term risks are characterized as immediate effects that can lead to various harmful health conditions or become fatal. Some examples include alcohol poisoning, car accidents, injuries from violence, and engaging in unprotected sexual activity. Unfortunately, due to the normalization of excessive alcohol consumption among young adults, these risks are often not taken seriously enough. However, short-term risks can be some of the most dangerous effects of binge drinking.  

Long-term effects of alcohol use can significantly lower a person’s quality of life and lead to serious chronic illnesses. Examples of long-term risks include diseases of the heart, liver, and digestive tract. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcoholism also leads to cancers, dementia, mental health problems, and the weakening of the immune system. 

Can Detox From Alcohol be Done at Home? 

Many who struggle with an alcohol use disorder will attempt to solve the problem on their own. They’re afraid to let others know they need help or may worry about “burdening” a loved one. However, detoxing from alcohol at home can result in health complications, severe withdrawal symptoms, and eventual relapse. This is due to the way alcohol affects the body as a person develops a dependence. When people struggling with alcohol addiction stop drinking abruptly, withdrawal symptoms usually present within 24 hours. 

Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and even life-threatening without proper care. Therefore, detox is an essential process that involves medical assistance. Anyone struggling to beat addiction should understand that addiction recovery is more than just having willpower, and it is not their fault that they can’t beat it alone. During our alcohol detox in Orange County, we take measures to keep our clients comfortable and safe. 

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pains
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hot and cold flashes
  • Shaking or tremors
  • Confusion
  • High blood pressure
  • Fever
  • Agitation
  • Excessive sweating

24/7 Help Is Standing By

Visit the admissions page at Pacific Sands Recovery today to learn more about detox.

What Happens During Alcohol Detox in Orange County? 

As the first step on the path to recovery, detoxification is the process of ridding the body of alcohol toxins. Clients undergo an assessment to evaluate their health and determine their needs during detox. At our 6-bed recovery center, we build customized treatment plans and address underlying issues that may accompany a substance use disorder.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Also abbreviated to MAT, medication-assisted treatment is the use of prescription medications during the treatment of a substance use disorder. These medications can provide symptomatic relief for both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms during detoxification from alcohol. Therefore, our medical team makes detox safer and more comfortable for our clients. 

For alcohol addiction, MAT works by addressing the physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms people face. MAT requires specially trained and certified physicians to administer the medications used for the program. At Pacific Sands Recovery Center, our physician will complete a full clinical assessment and recommend any necessary medication.

The following prescription medications have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for alcohol addiction MAT programs:

  • Acamprosate
  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone 

Dual Diagnosis 

At Pacific Sands Recovery Center, we treat dual diagnosis as needed, along with our addiction recovery. Dual diagnosis is the co-occurrence of a mental health disorder and addiction simultaneously. Since these conditions can exacerbate one another, it is crucial to help a person with both. For our clients with dual diagnosis, our treatment combines therapy and psychiatry after alcohol detox in Orange County. 

client in individual therapy session during alcohol detox in Orange County

Alcohol Detox in Orange County, CA

We are here to help you break free of alcohol addiction and guide you through recovery. Since detox from alcohol is the first step in recovery, our compassionate team recognizes the challenges people face during detox. Therefore, our alcohol addiction treatment center in Orange County has created a supportive community and comfortable environment for our clients while they heal. Additionally, our team is available 24/7 at a 2:1 staff-to-client ratio, ensuring alcohol rehab clients get the attention and care they need.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an alcohol use disorder, contact us today and learn more about our alcohol detox program. 


  • I would just like to share how Grateful I am with my experience through my addiction at this facility. I couldn’t possibly ask to be in such a “SAFE/COMFORTABLE” environment while receiving treatment for my addiction. I would just like to say Thank you sooo much to ALL the staff there from the Nurse’s to counselors and therapist all of you are a True Blessing in helping me through my journey of sobriety. I couldn’t feel more comfortable there on how they monitored my physical health and on dealing with my emotional health with there therapy sessions and groups I truly see them ALL as Family!

    Andrew N.
  • As a professional in the recovery field I have worked with many detox centers and none compare to The this one. Their staff is incredibly attentive and knowledgable regarding the needs of individuals seeking recovery from the very start. Their facility is welcoming and homey while remaining very luxe. I would recommend this facility to any loved one or friend looking to start down their journey of sobriety.

  • This place helped saved my life, and a great stepping stone to get my life on the right track. Was there first client under new management, caring staff and owners, comfortable place to get you on your feet in sobriety.

  • Great Staff. Comfortable Environment. Awesome place to Get Clean and Sober. Thank you guys for everything.


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